"Have a fulfilling life instead of hoping for a better one."

- Konrad Konradsson

About Me

Hello, my name is Konrad Shay Konradsson. You may know me by my username (Shay9999) or by my tag (Farmer's Rabbit). I'm 20 years old, and I've been a software developer for 5 years. I've started several different companies, some related to software, and others to graphic arts. I enjoy keeping myself busy, from designing and developing a new piece of software, to working on a large math equation, or having fun with my various hobbies. Thank you for taking a look on my website.


Most of my games are hosted through Kongregate. You can click the link at the bottom of the page, or go here: kongregate.com/accounts/Shay9999. I'm planning on updating this website to host several different games, including many party games that I hope you'll all enjoy. If people like those party games, then I'll work on downloadable versions to play offline with your friends anytime.

Other Projects

I've worked on a lot of crazy projects over the past few years, so I'll post a few of the big ones in my book.

GiTD: Game in Ten Days
Game in Ten Days is a monthly competition on the Kongregate forums! Currently I'm running the competition, so feel free to stop by and participate.

How to make HTML5 games
A basic tutorial on how to make HTML 5 games. If you're looking for additional help, post your comments and questions on the forum thread attached to the tutorial, and I'll help as soon as I'm available. I've had years of experience with C++, Java, VB.Net, and many other languages, and Javascript/HTML is insanely easy by comparison. I'll help you in any way that I can, when I can.

This website!
That's right, this website is one of my projects! It's a small one, really, but I wanted to make it look beautiful for you, the beautiful visitor. If you see anything that you think needs to be added or changed, let me know.


Over my short time on this planet, I've started different companies for a wide variety of purposes. Some purely online, others requiring licensing and a brand name to push. When I was 13, I managed to start my first business with a friend selling snacks during baseball games. When I was 14, I had learned enough about programming to start working on video games, and I hope to someday retire on my earnings from independent projects. Currently, I have a big company in the making, but I'll keep the details on the hush-hush for now. Here are some of the active companies that I'm working for, working with, or managing.

TFD Group

I've worked at TFD Group for over 2 years now, and I've enjoyed every minute of the experience. As one of their programmers, I tackle problems within all of our software, and work hard and designing and developing new features. I've spent a long time working on the TFD Reports, Data Grids, and fixing bugs as we encounter them.

MPC Fandom Club

I've become the president of The Fandom Club over at Monterey Peninsula College. You can check out our info over here: thefandomclub.com. Please stop by and like our page! We are inactive when the school season's not active, but we try to stay up-to-date with our posts for events during the school year. Want to host an event with us? Send a message to our facebook admins!

My Website

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